Set construction

scenery production

Vozrozhdenie Theatrical Workshops provides the following:

  • Development of technology for scenery production and refurbishment
  • Designs of sets and props for art performances
  • Installation of scenery
Our scenery has been used for all different types of events – city and other celebrations, promotional work, corporate events and presentations, TV and photo shoots.

Soft scenery
We make fabric decorations and furnishings, including with plastic materials.

All types of scenery undertaken, including those with a ridge form construction.



Making Props 

Vozrozhdenie can create all types of props and furniture, big and small. These props can be used right across the spectrum, from theatrical use to use in promotions and store clearance sales, to window and store dressing, to use in television and photo shoots of all types.



Painting and decorative design

Vozrozhdenie manufactures oil paintings, according to clients’ specifications. These can be done on all types of materials and textures,
including velvet, tulle, synthetics, cotton and linoleum.

Sewing theatrical costumes

Sewing theatrical costumes

The creation of theatrical costumes

Our talented craftsmen and craftswomen create the full range of theatrical costumes for opera and ballet. This includes tutus, tunics, masks and headwear, all sorts of accessories suitable not only for the theatre, but for carnival. This includes costumes both for the stage and carnival. These costumes include the most intricate embroidery, appliqué and stencil work, producing costumes to the highest level possible.

Wigs, hairpieces and other related products

Production of wigs.

The manufacturing of hairpieces and other related products

We manufacture all sort of hair pieces for the theatre, circus, films, TV shoots and photo shoots.
  This includes:
  • Wigs, 
  • hairpieces, 
  • beards and mustaches, 
  • whiskers 
These are bespoke pieces made to match the costumes and to suit the specific models.

Manufacturing is carried out according to our models, and custom designs.  

Shoes for the theatre

Manufacturing shoes for the theatre

We manufacture shoes for the theatre and the ballet, as well as producing other dance shoes.

Vozrozhdenie manufactures not only dance shoes, but sports shoes and footwear for other creative teams.
We are always working on improving our ballet shoes, which are highly thought of.


Vozrozhdenie can offer services to fit out spaces with the required drapery for any type of event from corporate events to special events for private clients to cover anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, etc.

Stage curtains

Sewing curtain for the stage

The manufacture of stage curtains

Our workshops have extensive experience in making all types of curtains, from theatre stage curtains, as well as those for cultural institutions. 
This has included tableau curtains. Our manufacture includes the movement mechanisms to operate these specialist curtains.

Fire treatment

Fire treatment

Vozrozhdenie has the dedicated specialist team to enable us to provide fire treatment
for stage curtains, as well as for objects of artistic and decorative design, used in the theatre and elsewhere.

Our clients

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