The excellent work of our master tailors

The excellent work of our master tailors

Dominique Gay, Vozrozhdenie’s Assistant Costume Designer, worked on the production of The Lady of Camellias at the Bolshoi Theatre and attributed the fantastic costumes for the ballet to “the excellent work of our master tailors”.
Choreography, staging and light - John Neumeier 
Set and costume designer - Jurgen Rose 
Assistant set designer - Barbara Kryutts 
Assistant costume designer - Dominic Kye 

As soon as we started working together in the first place on the "Onegin" in the past year, and then on the "Lady of the Camellias," I was in a state of excitement, knowing that I will work with these artists (which you are all) displays impeccable professionalism and tireless efforts to make the dream a reality. 

As a result, we got a wonderful experience! And once again, I note your talented artists who worked on this ballet, which allowed him to be executed at a high level. Let me say that the designer Jurgen Rose would have loved your beautiful costumes. I sincerely hope to work together in the future. 
Best wishes to all, from translators to tailoring shops, as well as dancers who look so great in these costumes.    

Dominique Gay, assistant costume designer. 

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