Theatre workshops "Vozrozhdenie".

Theatre workshops Vozrozhdenie were founded in 1988.

We have been specializing in stage design for Russian and foreign theaters for 26 years already.

Our specialists develop and create:

  • sketches for performances of different genre
  • projects for all kinds of stage design, special effects for performances and shows

Costumes for opera and ballet

Tailoring of theatrical costumes is one of the most important activities of our company.

Employees of Vozrozhdenie can make costumes for performances and shows of different genres.

Production of lift curtains

Soft sets department specializes in painted scenery and production of act draw curtains and lift curtains.

"Vozrozhdenie"- theatrical workshops

Vozrozhdenie was founded in 1988 and has been specialising in stage design for both Russian and foreign theaters ever since, employing graduates from Russian art and technology universities.

At Vozrozhdenie electronic and electrical engineers work alongside specialists in the theatrical technology to provide the best possible products.

Our soft sets department specializes in painted scenery, as well as the production of stage curtains, whilst our costume department, one of the most important departments at Vozrozhdenie, specializes in the tailoring of costumes across the whole sphere of genres associated with the theatre.

Our shoe making department employs specialists equipped to make shoes for opera, drama, ballet and circus performances.

At Vozrozhdenie our specialists work with clients to develop and create everything for the theatre, including, but not limited to:

- Designs, sketches and storyboards across the genres;
- Set and interior design, organization of shows and presentations;
- Stage design and special effects;
- The organization of seminars and master classes.
- The supply of equipment and materials, from both Russian and foreign companies, to theatres and other cultural institutions

Vozrozhdenie is also licensed to carry out flame-proofing.

Scenery and costumes for Moscow Ballets performance of The Nutcracker. This great Russian ballet has been in the repertoire of the Moscow Ballet since 1993 and is traditionally performed at Christmas in 70 cities across North America. This year the audience will see an updated performance. Scenery and costumes for Moscow Ballets performance of The Nutcracker.

"The Nutcracker" for the "La Scala" "Vozrozhdenie" Theatre Workshops had the honour to work on a production of The Nutcracker for La Scala in Milan, where it manufactured both the set and costumes for the production which premiered with great success. "The Nutcracker" for the "La Scala"